JCC Delay and Schedule Updates


Unfortunately when I called the JCC facility manager today to ensure the pool would be ready for us to start this weekend, I was informed that there would be an additional delay. Despite their contractor’s best efforts, they suffered a burst pipe that has delayed the completion of the renovation. Though the pool looks beautiful, the secondary systems (ventilation, lighting, decking), etc) are unlikely to be finished before September 25th. This makes the first day of the Session 1 Saturday program October 7 and the first day of the Session 1 Sunday program October 1. So as to disappoint as few swimmers as possible I will maintain the first session at ten swims, extending to December 9 (Saturday) and December 3 (Sunday).

I am going to review the rest of the swim season’s schedule to determine where to make adjustments during Session 2, Session 3, and the Summer Warm-up. I will determine those adjustments once we get into the water to minimize any later changes. Of course, if you paid for the entire year in advance, I will be issuing a refund check.

I will keep in close contact with the JCC and keep you informed via emails and updates to the Swim with Beth website (swimwithbeth.com).

I look forward to seeing everyone soon and I apologize for the delay.

Beth Bedell