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  • My Mission

    To provide quality stroke instruction for swimmers of all ages and abilities to improve their speed, efficiency, and endurance. Swim With Beth focuses on each swimmer’s individual abilities and works to perfect their strokes through drills, verbal and physical reinforcement and conditioning.

    The goal of the program is to perfect young swimmer’s strokes so they can be successful in summer swim and year round swim, and give them the skills that will enable them to swim in high school and beyond.

    I believe that a young child can stregnthen their performance by focusing on their strokes without committing to multiple days a week as a swimmer until they are older. By developing strokes properly, these swimmers can be competitive later in life with their peers who may have put much more time into swimming at a young age. Many of the swimmers in this program are multiple sport athletes who have not committed to just one sport.

Important SwimWithBeth Site Status

Recently, it had come to our attention that a malicious attack was targeted at the SwimWithBeth.com website. A hacker successfully bypassed the configured security measures through a software vulnerability on the web server.

Google had detected that the site has been successfully hacked by a third party who injected malicious code into one of the server files. This hack utilized a file to manipulate links requested from Google search results and could redirect visitors to unexpected or harmful content on external websites NOT associated with Swim With Beth.

Direct access to the site by typing the SwimWithBeth.com address into the browser remained safe, but some links found in Google search results, were regretfully redirected.  Immediate action was taken as soon as we were aware of the hack and the issue was resolved that evening, thus preventing search results from being redirected to the sites not associated with Swim With Beth.

A software release which patched the vulnerability was released yesterday and was promptly installed to close the security hole. We have also requested that Google remove the message that the site is “hacked,” though their review process may take a few weeks.  It is now safe to visit the site from Google search results, but be aware that the Google may still display the “hack” message until the site has been reviewed.

We are very sorry and mortified about any unintended consequences and inconveniences that this may have caused and will continue to work to maintain the safest Swim With Beth experience possible.